Find inspiration in Asian flavours

The European market for Asian food has grown with double digit numbers in the past 10 years. Asian ingredients and snacks score high on the trend lists. But the following factors prevent the mainstream European foodservice sector from embracing the dishes from the Orient on a large scale:

  • Image of labour intensive preparation.
  • Lack of suitable authentic products.
  • Absence of clear preparation advice.

Heuschen & Schrouff Oriental Foods, Europe’s no. 1 importer of authentic Asian food, recognised this need in professional kitchens, and has joined forces with the famous Chef Peter Lai1 and Asia’s top suppliers, to match the tradition of their home countries’ cuisines with the modern demands of convenience.

The Challenge

Awareness is the key word for your modern day guests. They are conscious of their health, weight, diet, the quality of food, and the environment. They want food that is honest, authentic, and delicious.

To meet these demands, professionals need to be able to trust the consistent quality of their ingredients, and they need to serve their guests healthy and tasty meals quickly and efficiently. As customers’ levels of expectation grow higher, innovating the menu card with surprising new flavours is key to keeping customers, and to keeping them satisfied.

The best answers

  • The Golden Turtle for Chefs range has been tailor-made for foodservice and is developed by Chefs for Chefs, to meet the demands in professional cuisines and the requirements of the out of home market.

Core Values

  • An extensive range of Asian products for the foodservice and professional kitchen.
  • A traditional and authentic Asian range made in Asia, created by Chefs for Chefs.
  • All natural: no preservatives, no taste enhancers, no artificial colouring.

Benefits for chefs

  • Quick and easy preparation (ready-to-use, cooking advice).
  • Pre-portioned or yield advice to prevent waste and simplify yield calculation.
  • Tailor-made packaging to meet the foodservice requirements in food safety.
  • Pre-portioned bulk for an easy use in large as well as in small kitchens.
  • Optimal packaging size for smaller storage capacity.
  • Deep-frozen to guarantee long shelf life, constant availability, and consistent quality.
  • Clear product information on packaging & website.
  • The ultimate ‘food solution’ to create innovation in your kitchen.