Tom Yum is a very popular Thai dish and means literally hot and sour. Processed in a typicalChinese Hot Pot, it makes a wonderful Asian festive meal.

Preparation method

  • Preheat the oven to 80°C.
  • For the pancakes, mix the flour with the water, eggs and salt, cook about 10 medium-sized pancakes in a hot pan.
  • Blanche the chives with boiling water, then dry them.
  • Sweat the vegetable julienne and season to taste with the hoisin sauce, pour it on the middle of the pancakes and tie them with the chives into open bags.
  • Keep the pancakes warm in the oven.
  • Salt and pepper the duck breast, then fry in a pan until pink.
  • Fry the sweet potatoes in rice oil and heat the satay sauce in a small pot.
  • Cut the duck breast into slices, serve with satay sauce, sweet potatoes and a vegetable bag.


  • 2 l water
  • 140 g Tom Yum Soup Paste Golden Turtle for Chefs™ (Art. 60208)
  • 30 ml Japanese soy sauce Golden Turtle for Chefs™ (Art. 60309)
  • 5 lime leaves
  • 2 lemon grass sticks

Useful information

  • Costs p. portion: approx. €3.60*
  • Energy p. portion: approx. 620 kcal
  • Preparation time: approx. 30 Min. Preparation in advance partly possible
  • Accessories: Hot Pot, (or Fondue Set) Cutting board, strainer, 2 cooking pots, 6 pcs. charcoal briquettes


Crustacean, wheat, soy, fish


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